Dog Boarding

Our spacious interior and exterior kennels are weather protected. Stainless steel panels between kennels insures your dog’s privacy. All kennels are surrounded by a six foot high security fence and kennels are topped by wire to prevent any dog from fence climbing. Extra large transfer doors insure that your dog has easy access to their exterior kennel space. All dogs are individually let into the 1700 sq. foot exercise yard at least three times a day. Family groups of compatible dogs may also exercise together and two compatible dogs from the same family can also be housed together. Skylights help to create an open feel to the interior kennel area.

Proof of current vaccinations is required:
• Rabies
• DHPP - Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvo, Parainfluenza
• Kennel Cough - Bordetella

What to bring:
We provide a high quality dog food but you are always welcome to bring your own food and treats. You are also welcome to bring a favorite toy, blanket or rug for your dog to sleep on. Please make sure that bedding that you bring for your dog isn’t so large that we can’t launder it if neccessary. We also provide water and feeding dishes.

If your dog is on any medication please bring it in the orginal container with insturctions. We are happy to give your dog the medication at no additional cost to you.
Our entire facility is climate controlled. We feature radiant floor heat, air conditioning and a high capacity ventilation system. An automatic emergency generator insures that we are never without electrical power. The owners live immediately next door to the kennel. Not only are we Veterinarian recommended, but we include a number of Veterinarians and staff as boarding clients.

Cat Boarding

Our cat boarding room is located next to the kennel office. While insuring a separate facility from our dog guests it also allows us to maintain a constant interaction with your pet. An 80 sq. foot room allows your pet an opportunity to exercise on a daily baisis. Cats are allowed individual access to this room. Family groups of compatible cats may exercise together. Climbing apparatus, windows with a resting bench and cat enrichment videos maintain interest for your pet all day long. Housing units specifically designed for cats separate sleeping and feeding quarters from litter pan areas. Family groups of compatible cats can be housed together.

Proof of current caccinations is required:
• Rabies
• Distemper
• Rhino Virus
• Calicivirous

What to bring:
We provide dishes, litter pans, cat litter and bedding. As cats can be finicky, please bring the food that your cat is used to eating. Your also welcome to bring treats and toys.

If your cat is on any medication please bring it in the original container with instructions. We are happy to give your cat the medication at no additional cost to you.

​Office Hours
Daily 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Including weekends and holidays

Reservations can be made by calling our office ​585-457-3597
Kist Mi Kennels LLC
1226 Chaffee Road | Arcade, NY 14009